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POST - Advanced Officer

The Advanced Officer course is the second step in the POST Career Development Program.

The Advanced Officer certificate requires the officer to achieve a score of 50% or higher on each of the POST physical agility exam areas which are derived from The Cooper Institute's Law Enforcement Age and Gender base Standards.  The tests are (Vertical Jump, One minute sit up, 300 meter run, max push-ups, and 1.5 mile run).  The Cooper "age and gender" based tests at 50% will require some physical exertion on the part of the applicant and thus some prior preparation is strongly recommended.  Applicant's that achieve 85% or higher in each category will also receive the Superior Fitness uniform pin. For additional information on Cooper test times etc. Cooper Test Times.pdf

The course required PT test will be given on Monday's at 1600 hours. 



  • Three years experience as a full time peace officer as defined by Title 53, Chapter 13-103.
  • Minimum firearms qualification score of 80% on a POST accepted course.
  • Completed application with all listed requirments signed by the officer's supervisor.

The Advanced Officer Application and Medical Release must be submitted prior to the first day of the course.  A confirmation letter will not be sent to the agency if the application is not completed prior to the course date. Follow this link for a copy of the application Advanced Officer Application.pdf. Click here for the Advanced Officer Medical Release Form.

This course is limited to 35 students with a minimum of 25 registered students two weeks prior to class start date.

To register for Advanced Officer, candidates should have Agency Administrator or Training Coordinator register them for the course through the POST Portal.

If you don't have an POST Portal Account- please send an email with your full name and agency to: support@utahpost.org


***Dress code for attending POST classes is a neat, clean, and professional appearance.  Slacks, shirts with collars, and/or department uniform can be worn. No shorts, cut-offs, open toe shoes, sweats, tank tops, or t-shirts are permitted.  It is also recommended that the applicant bring comfortable clothing and running shoes for the fitness test day one.


Course Dates Location Time Status
2015 TBA TBA   Pending


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