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POST - Crime Scene Academy

COURSE DESCRIPTION: “Crime Scene Academy” (40 Hours)

Next Class: May 18-22, 2015

COST $350 per participant, or $300 a person if sending 2 or more.

LOCATION: Weber State University Police Academy - 775 South 2000 East, Clearfield, Utah

Participants will receive extensive hands on training to develop credible skills in the area of crime scene processing. These skills will include, but are not limited to: analyzing major scenes, learning proper investigative process, managing and documenting scenes, as well as standardized collection procedures. Your confidence at crime scenes will increase to a new level. 

COURSE CONTENT: Crime Scene Management; Recognition, Preservation, & Collection of Evidence; Documentation of the Scene; Photos, Sketches, Notes & Video; Forensic Photography (Day & Night); Bloodstain Pattern Interpretation; Bloodstain Experiments; Fingerprint Development; Footwear and Tire Tracks; Ethics; Mock Crime Scene Scenarios.

REGISTRATION: Please contact Cindy at Mobile Crime Scene Academy to register. Phone number 435-650-1079 or email at cindy@mobilecsa.com.  She will need the names of the participants as well as an email address to send a welcome letter approximately 10 days before the class start date.  Please send checks to- Mobile Crime Scene Academy, LLC, PO Box 8204, Chandler, AZ  85246. Space is limited; therefore please register as soon as possible.

 A written and skills based test will be administered where the officer needs to achieve 70% or greater to pass and receive certificate.

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