Utah Department of Public Safety

POST - Intoxilyzer Certification or Re-Certification

This is a one-day, eight hour course if the officer has never been certified before on the intoxilyzer 8000.  The course is four hours for re-certification if the officer has been certified in the past.  This course offers training on alcohol and its effects and the operation of the intoxilyzer. The course will offer hands on training of the use of the intoxilyzer 8000. This training is offered for officers who have not certified to operate the intoxilyzer or if their certification has lapsed more than one year. If certification has not lapsed more than one year click here for more information to recertify online.

Pre Requisites - none

Restrictions - must be a law enforcement officer

This course is limited to 24 students.

Student Notes:
Please register via the POST Training Portal. If you do not have a POST Portal Account, please send an email to: support@utahpost.org

Dress code for attending POST classes is a neat, clean, and professional appearance.  Slacks, shirts with collars, and/or department uniform can be worn.  No shorts, cut-offs, open toe shoes, sweats, tank tops, or t-shirts are permitted.


Course Dates Location Time Status
April 15, 2015

Training will be held at POST

410 West 9800 South, Sandy, Utah

0900-1600 Open
July 14, 2015

Training will be held at POST

410 West 9800 South, Sandy, Utah

0900-1700 Open


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