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POST - Patrol Rifle Instructor

Patrol Rifle

This course is designed to teach patrol rifle concepts. The officer will be instructed in the basic care of the rifle. The officer at the completion of this course will be able to effectively and efficiently manipulate a rifle in a law enforcement/ tactical encounter.

This course is designed to teach the basics of the urban rifle as an instructor. Areas of emphasis include range safety, rifle training concepts and rifle qualification. Creating a lesson plan is covered in instructor development that is required prior to attending this course.

Areas of Emphasis:

  • Safety rules/ Range etiquette
  • General principle of tactical shooting
  • Primary concepts of the patrol rifle

Due to the high demand for this course, agencies will be limited to (2) officers per session. In the event that the class does not completely fill, we will allow agencies to reserve additional officers.

****This course is limited to 30 students, with a minimum of 15 to hold the class.

  • To apply for the course, candidates should have Agency Administrator or Training Coordinator register them for the training through the POST Portal at www.post.utah.gov

    If you don't have an POST Portal Account- please send an email with your full name and agency to: support@utahpost.org


Student Notes:
A letter confirming the officer's position in the class will be sent to the department's training supervisor.

Officers attending the Patrol Rifle Instructor course must come with the following equipment and ammunition:

  • Fully functioning and zeroed rifle with iron sights and sling
  • Handgun, duty belt, etc.
  • 3 mags. for rifle/mag pouches
  • Eye, ear protection and hat required
  • Knee and elbow pads
  • Ballistic vest
  • 1500 rd's rifle ammunition
  • 200 rd's handgun ammunition
  • Shooting mat or rug

Water, sunscreen and clothing appropriate for the weather.

***Dress code for attending POST classes is a neat, clean, and professional appearance. Slacks, shirts with collars, and/ or department uniform can be worn (not required on the ranges) No shorts, cut-offs, open toed shoes, sweats, tank tops, or t-shirts are permitted.

Optional Items:

  • Bi-pod
  • Rifle optic
  • Rain gear
  • Hats
  • Sunglasses and other items
  • Binoculars or scope


Course Dates Location Time Status
May 18-22, 2015

Day 1 will be at POST, located at 410 W. 9800 South, Sandy, Utah.



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