Utah Department of Public Safety

POST - Standardized Field Sobriety Testing (SFST)

This is a one-day school for officers that need to enhance their field sobriety skills. The curriculum comes from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. The course offers training on proper ways to conduct field sobriety testing and signs to look for with impaired drivers. This training will be taught out of the current updated NHTSA manuals. This course will not have drinking workshops.

Pre-Requisites - none

Restrictions - must be a law enforcement officer

Emphasis is placed on becoming familiar with the horizontal gaze nystagmus testing procedure.

Level of intoxication can be determined by becoming proficient in this technique.

This class is limited to 24 students

  • To apply for the course, candidates should have Agency Administrator or Training Coordinator register them for the training through the POST Portal at www.post.utah.gov

    If you don't have an POST Portal Account- please send an email with your full name and agency to: support@utahpost.org

Student Notes:
Need to bring a trigonometric function calculator.


Course Dates Location TIme Status
Feb. 27, 2013 North Salt Lake Police Department 0800-1700 Completed
December 3, 2013 Training hosted by the Syracuse Police Department, 1751 South 2000 West Syracuse, Utah. 0800-1700 Canceled


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