Utah Department of Public Safety

POST - In-Service Training

Course Registration and Availability

General Information
To register for In-Service training courses, a request must be made through the training officer of each department. The training officer will be the only person allowed to register officers for POST sponsored courses.

The training officer should contact POST by fax, or e-mail. The training officer will receive notice by fax, or e-mail prior to the start of the class with information on the class such as location, time, materials needed, and equipment to bring. The training officer is responsible for disseminating this information to their officers.

Everything possible will be done to accommodate department requests for training. If more requests are received than can be accommodated for a particular course, scheduling additional classes within the training year will be considered depending on demand. Some seminars are limited by contractual agreement others are limited in number simply because of the nature of the seminar or physical space.

Should a cancellation be necessary, please notify the In-Service training office as soon as possible so another officer may fill the vacant slot. If notice has not been received and your officer fails to show up for the class, your department will be subject to a fee charge to cover expenses.

Class Enrollment And Schedule Changes
The information contained here will be up dated periodically. You may find new classes, class locations, and needed changes. We strive to give you the best possible service available. You can assist POST by letting others know of the this internet site.

Class Enrollment
Enrollment and participation in the courses contained in this catalog are open for law enforcement professionals who are currently employed by a public safety agency. Unauthorized attendance at POST training courses by non-law enforcement officers is prohibited.

Dorm Facility
Housing for officers attending In-Service training is available in the dormitories at POST. Please contact SLCC PSET Reception Desk (801-957-5444) for booking information.  Click here for the POST Residence Policy..

In-Service Training Rules And Regulations
Punctuality when attending In-Service training classes is imperative. Officers are expected to conduct themselves in an adult and professional manner at all times. No loud, abusive, or obscene language will be tolerated. **Dress code for attending POST classes is a neat, clean, and professional appearance. Slacks, shirts with collars, and/or department uniform can be worn. No shorts, cut-offs, open toed shoes, sweats, tank tops, or t-shirts are permitted. **

No food, drinks, or smoking is allowed in the classrooms. Classrooms must be kept neat and clean Smoking and smokeless tobacco are not permitted anywhere in the building. No alcoholic beverages of any kind are permitted. No firearms or ammunition are allowed in the dorm’s under any circumstances. They must be locked in POST secured storage by a staff member or left secured in your vehicle.

Gambling is not permitted at any time or place at POST. All trash and cigarettes must be disposed of properly.

Attendance Policy:
Students will be required to attend all training unless an emergency exists or a valid excuse is given. A certificate of training will not be given to anyone who has missed more than 10% of the course.

Classroom Humor/Demeanor:
Each student and instructor is responsible to make sure the most professional conduct among members of the class occurs. Humor is an important element of interpersonal relations. However, ethnic,
racial, gender, obscene or otherwise questionable humor is unacceptable. We believe a professional environment, free from all forms of discrimination, including sexual harassment, provides for a better training opportunity and atmosphere

Officers attending POST classes can park in the north or south lot. The west lot against the building is reserved for staff.

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