Utah Department of Public Safety

POST - Do You Qualify?


Non-U.S. Citizen
Failure of the POST Academy Entrance Exam
No less than an Honorable Discharge from Military
Felony Convictions
No Misdemeanor Conviction for Crimes Involving Violence, Drugs, & Moral Turpitude
Failure of the Medical Examination
Crimes involving Dishonesty
Crimes involving Unlawful Sexual Conduct
Crimes involving Physical Violence
Crimes involving the Unlawful Use, Manufacture, Cultivation, Sale or Possession for Sale of a Controlled Substance, or Use of the Following Drugs in the last FIVE Years.

  • Heroin PCP Quaaludes
  • Toluene Percodan Crank
  • Cocaine Tai Sticks Morphine
  • LSD Crack Mescaline
  • Peyote Opium Demerol
  • Methadone Psilocybin/Mushroom Amphetamine
  • Barbiturates Injected/Methamphetamine
  • (Note: a common question asked POST is "Do I need to report using someone else's prescription drugs when submitting an application to POST for training? The answer is Yes. Please refer to UT Code Annotated 58-37-8).

Failure to meet Good Moral Character Requirement
Failure to meet Physical, Emotional, or Mental Condition Requirement
Convictions of Minor Crimes
Falsification of Application

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