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POST Information

Admission Availability
Sessions at POST Academy are for ONLY those who have been hired by an agency and are being sponsored by that agency. If you are NOT hired by an agency then you can sponsor yourself at one of the satellite academies. For session information and costs contact them directly.

Insurance Information for Self-Sponsored Students:
POST does not provide insurance benefits to students attending the Satellite Academies. Students are expected to provide their own insurance protection for injuries that may occur while participating in any basic training program.

Physical Training Requirement:
The recognized factors that make up total physical fitness are cardiovascular endurance, muscular strength and endurance, flexibility, and body composition. All of these areas are tested at the Academy. A student who comes to us overweight and out of shape does not have much of a chance of reaching an acceptable level of fitness within the training time currently available at the Academy. The physical fitness test will be administered three times. The areas tested are push-ups, vertical jump, sit-ups, l.5 mile run, and 300 meter run. POST strongly recommends that anyone intending to go through a basic training class start on a physical conditioning program before they enter an academy session. If you have any questions regarding a conditioning program and would like assistance, feel free to contact any of the basic training supervisors at 801-256-2300.

Academic Requirements:
Students will be required to maintain a high academic standard through frequent tests and quizzes. Failure to meet the minimum academic requirements will result in expulsion from the Academy.

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