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POST - Requirements To Become Certified

Entrance Requirements

The Utah Peace Officer Standards and Training Academy (POST) is the basic training academy for all law enforcement agencies in Utah. However, we do not hire for these agencies. For specific employment information, contact each agency directly.

All applicants must pass an entrance exam before they will be admitted into the Academy. A $25.00 fee is assessed each time the exam is taken. You must have your exam results prior to entrance into the Academy. A list of the exam centers is provided on this site at
Testing Information.

POST conducts six basic training sessions per year. These sessions are only open to applicants who have been hired by a law enforcement agency. Classes are held five days a week, from 7:30am to 5:00pm. Additionally, there are several night practical exercises that extend the classes until approximately 11:00pm.

Financial aid is not available through the POST Academy. However, if you are a veteran you may be eligible for V.A. educational benefits.

POST is working with academic facilities in the state which offer the peace officer certification program. Financial Aid may be available through these programs. For specific information regarding these programs, contact the academic facility directly. A list of participating institutions is available on this site in the satellite academy section.

If you are presently a peace officer working in another state, you may apply to take a waiver exam for peace officer certification in the state of Utah. Contact POST In-Service (801) 256-2315 for an application packet, study material, and a date and time to take the exam.

If you have any questions or need further assistance, feel free to contact post at (801) 256-2300.

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