Utah Department of Public Safety

POST - Satellite Academies

Utah POST oversees and regulates several satellite academies in the state, which offer basic training programs. With the exception of the Fred House Academy, the Satellite programs are geared towards those wishing to gain certification that have not been hired by an agency. The Fred House Academy is attached to the Utah Department of Corrections and trains only those being hired by corrections. With that exception all other students are referred to at non-sponsored meaning the student pays the expense of the training. The satellite academies generally hold classes during the evening and weekend hours to accommodate those working full time. Because the classes are only a few hours every night it takes longer to complete the training. The academies generally follow the semester system with the college or university they are attached to. Contact the individual academies for enrollment information.

The training mirrors that of the regular academy, all learning objectives and training is on the same level as the regular academy. Once the student has graduated they receive the same certification status as Utah Peace Officer as if they attended the regular academy.

Satellite Academies

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